Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shellac manicure acrylic extensions

Another full day in The Lady Cave @ Needy Nails Taupo 

Ladies flocked for their solo Shellac manicure's or acrylic extensions + Shellac. A few designs in some Classic and some wacky color combos ... one gorgeous set of clear acrylic sculpts with some simple foil decals and WOW major prettify...

Thank you one and all my lovely clients that 'put your Hollywood shots up) ... you're all MAGIC...
Sorry if I haven't gotten around to answering anyone but I can't find anymore PMs that need a reply YIPPEE i can finally hit the sack after such a long day and get some shut eye ... first client at 8 am so without further ado, catch y'all back later in the A.M 

Shellac manicure  acrylic extensions + Shellac Classic color combos clear acrylic sculpts foil decals