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Specialises in Acrylic Applications and Enhancements.
Phone:   +64 21 828 470
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To receive these low prices there are strict rules or you will incur the extra costs:
1) Clean hands: no polish, gels or acrylics to be present (unless previously discussed).
2) Booking is for the client alone: no kids, family or friends to accompany you as full focus is accorded to the client and the application!
3) Cash only and road parking only!
a) Consultation takes place before every application to assess your nails. In some cases I WILL NOT proceed with an application if your nails, fingers or hands are in poor condition. YOU ARE INFORMED ABOUT THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR APPLICATION UPON CONSULTATION WHICH IS IN ACCORDANCE TO THE CONDITION OF YOUR NATURAL NAILS!!!
b) You will be charged accordingly for the removal of product(s) on your nails as this is extra product and time.
c) Should you want additionals (such as embellishments, nail art etc) during an application then please understand you will be charged accordingly for the extra time and product.

Prices start from $30 a set of acrylics: French Clear tips: $30
French Natural Tips: $35
French White Tips: $40
French Color Tips $45
Prices rise according to your choice of tip

Nail art from $1 - huge variety to choose from: please discuss when you ask for your booking.
CONTACT VIA PM OR TEXT: 021828470 ONLY (I am deaf, I will never answer your call)!!!
NOTE: All acrylic applications are completed with a gel topcoat for super shine and beauty!