Friday, December 19, 2014

Acrylics Shellac glitz manicure


A warm welcome to new ladies for their nails Maraea Williams Shellac manicure; black & gold feats, Whitney Habib French white acrylics Nicole Footie acrylic extensions + Shellac glitz manicure and Millie Peters Shellac manicure in Hollywood & Chrome Silver - lovely to meet you all and congrats Nicole in advance wink wink...

The 3D fiber lash mascara sets are selling out like hotcakes and are pretty limited now so get them while you can on the super special price of $20 a set till the end of Jan 2015 and they are beautifully gift bagged.
The Magic Removal kits containing remover wraps, files, buffer, cuticle pusher & rose cuticle oil are also selling out almost faster than can have them made up so again get at it whilst you can for $10 till the end of Jan 2015.

Acrylic extensions Shellac glitz manicure black & gold feats Chrome Silver 3D fiber lash mascara  Rose cuticle oil French white acrylics 2015


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