Monday, November 03, 2014

French white acrylics + eyebrow thread for $30

Evening y'all on this MARILYN MONROE MONDAY!

We cracked along with a few print designs today as that seems to be the order of want... thank you to my wonderful regulars that keep The Lady Cave ticking over and it's amazing to meet new ladies each and every day.

The weekend gone was an awesome packed time of manicure/pedicure combos - thank you to all you ladies for your patronage.
Jesse Gee is still cranking out her expertise with the threading and some lovely Flawless Faces at unbeatable prices ladies so get at her ladies and see if she has any available spaces cos I promise you we are nearly fully loaded till New Year!

Apologies in advance if we can't fit any more ladies is this week and THE WEDNESDAY COMBO SPECIALS TILL THE END OF 2014 are very popular for: A set of French white acrylics + eyebrow thread for $30 - so very limited spaces for the rest of the year ladies.

A special thank you to my buddy Barb for my special apron just for ME! Because it's just for me with the lovely wrapping and poem I won't be sharing the pic here... I am going to PM it to you Barbara Smith xx
Wishing y'all the best evening and as per the usual catch y'all back in the A.M mwaaah
French white acrylics + eyebrow thread for $30

French white acrylics + eyebrow thread for $30