Friday, November 28, 2014

Acrylic French white special $25


Tomorrow is the start of our acrylic French white special @ $25 including your take home Rose cuticle oil. Jesse Gee will be threading cray cray and sending you home with your very own eyebrow compact fill all for just $20. This is FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!!! Thank you to those that made their bookings and apologies to those that could not secure a space and have reserved a vacancy should there be a cancellation - it really is FIFS!

Stacked for another busy busy weekend so lets all keep to the times please ladies as you all know my principles:
a) I can do 5 mins late and make it up BUT 10 mins means my ares gets to sweat harder than it needs to or the following client has to wait on you...
b) I do not like clients having to wait on the prior one due to their tardiness, therefore, I will refuse you a service if you don't have a plausible excuse or you don't be respectful of others and communicate...

Acrylic French white special $25


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