Saturday, October 11, 2014

Acrylics gel applications overlay on natural nails sculpt stilettos almond square shape

In reply to the PM's...

a) when I tell you your nails can't breath that is an expression for the condition of your nails ie: come out of acrylics/gel applications and do a natural oil buff as your natural nails have natural oils that you produce; am not saying they have fricken lungs to breath because they don't! It is your general nail health that is referred to;
b) as a nail esthetician, I do not believe in snipping your hang nails as they are living entities and the abrasions that can occur may allow bacteria to seep in which can be very problematic most especially if a nail biter... we have a professional saying "unless they are waving in your face, let them be they will dissipate naturally".
c) YES your toe nails are living entities just like your fingernails - treat both sets with respect equally!
d) NO I will not compromise my rules and regulations; they are there for a purpose. This is a room in my HOME - I offer a service from my room, I do not offer my home to be abused! I book you as a client and I offer you a personal service; I do not offer you the right to treat my home as a halfway house for all and sundry to crowd in with you... when you ask for a booking I always direct you to read the rules etc first.
e) I hold staunch to the fact that the client deserves full focus... it's all about YOU and what you may want may not always be what is good for you and your nail health.
f) YES do ask your nail technician questions that will set you at ease whether it be about the application you are wanting to nail maintenance in whatever you feel you need to know - inform yourself; do your research before an application if need be; nothing is too big or too small it's about you feeling comfortable and making informed choices. Remember "knowledge is power"..
g) YES I do use an e-file (electric file) on myself most times and on specific clients. These clients are 'old hands' and know my professional use of it. I do not wear tips. I overlay on my natural nails OR I sculpt when I want to wear stilettos therefore adding the shape to my naturals. I also do this when I return from stilettos to an almond or square shape. What was invented for speed and skill with full training in its use has been taken up by unprofessional nail bars as a tool for abusive speed and incorrect use and made this a weapon rather than the skilful tool that it is. I hand file 90% of my clients to make them comfortable without fear of being hurt because they have experienced the seedy side of the inappropriate handling. Straight up - the mongrels use it as a speed weapon because they don't want to take the time or use the products to soften cuticles etc and prep your nails because that is time and costly in terms of good quality products to pH balance etc and in their eyes "time is money" therefore, you are just a source of fast money. Sorry bout it but that's the guts in its entirety!
Sorry I can't answer all your questions tonight but I promise I will do so throughout the coming week.
Time to hit the sack for a couple of hours whilst my patient rests... it's been a long long tiring day mentally rather than physically. A straight 20hrs + on my feet and using my mind rather than my brawn today has left me feeling a tad wrung out ...