Saturday, October 11, 2014

Acrylic back-fill french white shellac manicure

Much ado about plenty today' LOL...
Congrats LENA you've won September's status for the free back-fill. Have PMed you. As always thanks ladies fro your pics you submit.
I have a very tight schedule to work with this week aside from applications so PLEASE ladies, punctuality is a MUST! 
You booked for your times so please be here on time. I do not want to go like Speedy Gonzalez to get you applicative so the following client doesn't wait on you, I deem that to be rude! 10mins I can make up 15mins and I will turn you away. STRAIGHT UP! It's about courtesy and respect, please lets keep it that way!
On a personal level: I am leaving town on Saturday morning. I will be closing down for approximately 2 weeks as I am coming back at y'all with a new launch and an added service(s) that will blow you all away! Watch for the posts when I will take bookings because it is gonna be hard & fast and you won't want to miss I promise y'all (o;
To the desk in 19mins so catch y'all back in the P.M..
PS: I can only reply between clients so some patience please - thank you