Monday, September 15, 2014

Acrylics and polish classic French pink and white back-fills neon designs stone feats and glitz


Another full on day in The Lady Cave. Acrylics and polish have been the order of the day, be it back-fills or tips.
A very warm welcome to newbie Debbie Farries today for her set of classic French pink & whites. No matter what set of enhancements or paint over you have, the World's #1 seller is still and always will be the Classic. The polishes are doing their job well and protect the acrylics. File back the polish and voila' the nails are like new. We're gonna start cranking up the colors now that Summer's on its way... I've got some whopper neon designs planned especially for the sun (o;
Without my full time regs where would I be... kisses to Lynne, Michelle, Rashelle and Frances.
Another double sesh of nail training tonight so it's dinner then 'get my vid on' LOL... have an awesome rest of the evening y'all and catch ya back in the A.M