Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Full cover acrylic glitz mix acrylic paint nail art firework stripes gel backfill custom mix pink glitz dotty nail art, stone feats & sculpted classic white Frenchies in a lovely long rounded almond shape LED polish manicure natural nails

Wonderful company was had throughout this Wicked Wednesday!

Took a large amount of 'pre-ball' bookings as the girls are getting in early to secure their spots as last year was chaotic trying to fit in last minute girls.... it appears 'one does learn from past errors' LOL...

Please be sure to give as definite a description of your wants regarding your application/nail design so others don't miss out due to time restraints if your design requires excess time - come get your 'BALL NAILS' on girls!!!

Lisa, Gina, Sharron, Jan-Marie (tag your pic here if you like) and Mikayla were a lovely mix of clients, chit-chat and applications... so enjoyed my day... Jan-Marie has joined the official permanent 2 week nail maintenance service with other regs and as per the usual I will see the rest of you ladies in 3 weeks (o;

Another busy day tomorrow so I'm hitting the sack early after my dinner and gonna lax it out in bed with a movie.... as per the usual, catch y'all up in the A.M (o; x0x0x

gel backfill custom mix pink glitz dotty nail art  stone feats-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-backfill-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-nails-Nail-Art-USA-UK

 full cover acrylic glitz mix acrylic paint nail art firework stripes-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-backfill-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-nails-Nail-Art-USA-UK


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