Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Acrylic overlay with tapped in holo silver glitz Frenchies with abyss black feats, LED polish manicure natural nails abyss black tapped random foil feats - Nail Art

Morning y'all it's Trippy Tuesday (and also put out the trash day) LOL...

Happy Birthday to my big brother (59) damn that'll be one hell of a rage next year I'm gonna sign out for a week cos I'm moving in for that long and gonna get trolleyed heheheee.... love and miss you bigtime my bro, hoping to catch up in a few weeks Shelley King x0x0x

Four clients today and I am loving doing nails at this cruisey pace and my busted fingers thank all you lovely ladies (o;

Note: Bring your Rewards Card ladies, I've had 2 so far claiming their 4th application for $10 so far this month so save your $$ (can read this in the about tab).

Acrylic sculpted nails are the big special this month and ladies are loving their chances to wear them (bookings are really limited this month and next month so book fast or be disappointed)!

Comments on the bizo page with Karena and Kasey from Maketu representing on Masterchef NZ - hopefully the girls get time to stop in at The Lady Cave for Nails and we heat them up some manicures in that hot sassy pink they always seem to be wearing on the show LOL... loving these girls xx

Glad to hear my bro didn't go to work today and went fishing instead (yehhh man that's why you're the boss - so you can time out whenever) LOL... it's your birthday old chappy - fish and enjoy) xx

Cracking up at a few of my clients... they taking to the idea of snapping their pic at my desk with their one handed pose (hmmmm might be the new photo trend) heheheee.... you go girls who cares as long as I don't have to do it I'm all good with that xx
Tarnz, Leanne, Olivia Westerman (tag your pic here if you so please) and Ali - thanks ladies see you all in 3 weeks - can't beat a nail service, it makes you feel good!!!

Aside from clients, I've got a big agenda tomorrow so on that note - catch y'all up in the A.M (o; x0x0x
acrylic sculpts followed by a LED polish custom mix -LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink-crystal-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-backfill-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-nails-Nail-Art-USA-UK

acrylic overlay with tapped in holo silver glitz Frenchies with abyss black feats-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-backfill-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-nails-Nail-Art-USA-UK

LED polish manicure natural nails abyss black tapped random foil feats-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-backfill-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-nails-Nail-Art-USA-UK