Thursday, January 02, 2014

GET IN EARLY TO BOOK: Classic Pink & White French Tip Acrylics

Happy Jan 2, 2014 - gotta get used to writing that year now!

Hoping everyone had a BLAST - I need to go on a FAST now cos all the feasts are taking their toll and the gallons of filtered water are sinking me trying to stay hydrated LOL...
Am loving the start to the New Year xxx

My first day back working in 2014 and I am unavailable for anymore bookings till Jan 8 - BOOKS ARE FULL already till then and advanced bookings with regulars are into March.
NOTE: if you are wanting an elaborate design ie: gel sculpt/acrylic sculpt with big nail art sculpting then definitely book your 'Day and Time' asap or the timeframes only allow for a set application with limited nail art.

GET IN EARLY TO BOOK: Classic Pink & White French Tip Acrylics - Plain or Glitter $35 LIMITED TIME ONLY: FROM JAN 8 - JAN 15!!!
This will be a ONE TIME ONLY OFFER as this is what I am being asked to offer via my PM from you Ladies SO GRAB IT NOW!!!

I have family arriving tomorrow so I apologise for those that tried to book this date before Xmas.

Needy Nails Taupo French White Nails Clear acrylic extensions for length LED polish manicure acrylic backfill LED polish  Pedicure Gel-Nails-Polish-LED
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Cheers Everyone - my first client arriving in 18mins so I'll catch y'all back soon in this A.M (o; x0x0x