Thursday, January 02, 2014

Acrylic extensions, with LED polish manicure; 'abyss black', leaf designs made with LED polish ; Acrylic sculpt extensions

These are the Reggae Themed Nail Ladies that booked today: Shanna, Renee and Liana.
Nice pics ladies - enjoy the concert on Sunday.

Shanna: acrylic extensions, with LED polish manicure color up... black Peace signs for One Love.

Renee: acrylic extensions, with LED polish manicure in 'abyss black', leaf designs made with LED polish.

Liana : acrylic extensions, with LED polish emosaic design to add a difference. - Nail Art

Next lady for nails at 3.30pm (thirsty much feel the need for lemonade with a fresh slice of ginger, cucumber, lemon and lime). Catch y'all back here in the P.M (o;


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