Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Xmas - custom gel glitz mix golden gel nails - Acrylic Nail Art

HAPPY XMAS EVE LOL... Good morning beautiful peeps...!!!
Keep the cool breezes wafting there Mama Nature, no gales please, this Lupus Girl is loving the overcast day (o;

First in this morning with a bottle of black sambuka and a white sambuka, yummy pastries (eek me could be sleeping at mummy's tomorrow if I got into that) were sisters Rochelle and Anita. They travel to me from Mt Maunganui regularly. This is their way of celebrating Xmas 'on their nails' - enjoy my lovely friends and thanks for the BOOZE - BOOM hehehheee...

This is fun when ladies take their own pics, especially when they take over my desk and lay down their props bwahahahaa... I don't care as long as I'm not the photographer (JUST DON'T KNOCK ANOTHER POT OF MY GLITZ ON THE FLOOR FOR YOUR PROP ANITA YOU CLOWN), they custom made and they COST (and she blows me kisses) - ya ditzy blonde!!!
Pic 1: Rochelle - Pic 2: Anita
Rochelle: Red & White Gel Glitz - Acrylic Nail Art
Anita: custom gel glitz mix golden gel nails
 Thanks for coming with some hot pastries to munch out on my friends... Yous are 'The Shizzle' x0x


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