Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'M SORRY LADIES - Needy Nails Taupo (Nail Salon)

NGAWWWW I'M SORRY LADIES - I hate that when I can't do any more hours to fit you all in... My Shortlist only exists for those that can come at the 'drop of a hat' if there are emergencies that can't be helped... I am doing 12-14hr days to keep the ladies rolling as I am, considering my days were only ever meant to be: Tues-Fri, first booking at 9am and last booking at 3pm UHHHH NAHHHHH it's never been that since I opened last Oct.
This is not a business for the sake of 'making a living'; this is a passion shared AT MY EXPENSE in more ways than one - I don't want your money; I want your conscience and your learning. The Health of your nails are paramount for me - THEY ARE SO SO IMPORTANT THOSE DIGITS - MIND THEM AND THEY WILL MIND YOU!

I'm sorry ladies if I can't answer your questions in a timely manner; I am back to back all day and my naturally speaking program has just shit it's battery so I can n ow not instruct my computer to answer you (duuhhh didn't charge the 2nd batt last night).... will answer in due course all your questions HOPEFULLY mwaaaahhh x0x0x


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