Monday, March 02, 2015

Shellac manicure purple

A big hearty YO to y'all on this MANI MONDAY .
All i can say is 12 yrs today! Any guesses as to what that means????? LOL...
A lot has happened since last Friday. A wonderful weekend indeed. 
SIZZLING SATURDAY saw a motley of Shellac services and biggest color choices were mostly in purple as seen here by Grace, Ashley and Stella flying solo with no enhancements at all now. They're converted nail biters doing what they can to make that change. No matter what unqualified babblers say, the psyche of nail biting is EMOTIONAL and it reverts from CHILDHOOD. A fact. No amount of product or pretty paint jobs will change that unvarnished truth. As a technician one has the power to aesthetically tidy and aid your nail health BUT psychologically it can only be controlled by ones own person hood. There is NO CURE. There is no quick fix. It is time, patience, willingness and understanding that will haul you into a better space to control the compulsion to bite and pick. These ladies are proof of taking ownership of that and after 3 weeks it's definitely showing healthy results. It's a long lonely path to walk for variable reasons but it can be controlled, compassionately. Well done ladies, take the pat on the all deserve it. 
Chels, Kathryn and Waimarie also rocked their Shellac manicure's. Congrats Chels, first bubs on the way for you and Mark, what awesome parents yous will be. ALL YOU LADIES ROCK THE HOUSE 💕
Shake it up Erana, finish these posts before the next client @ noon... giddy up..... 
Shellac manicure purple firework neon omber and feats

Shellac manicure purple firework neon omber and feats


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