Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Polish, gel polish, Shellac, gel or acrylic


Step 1: use starter file Needy Nails 100/150 grit to gently buff the shine off the nail (break the seal on the gel so the remover can penetrate).
Step 2: tear open the remover wrap along the perforated line - peel off the plastic tab to uncover the sticky strip.

Step 3: insert finger/toe and fold firmly around nail to fit - be sure to stick the folds to the side with the sticky strip to hold wrap in place.
Step 4: after sufficient time for removal (pending on what you're removing; polish, gel polish, Shellac, gel or acrylic) time varies 3-15 minutes - twist off wrap.

Step 5: use orange wood stick or contour file (grey wolf) to remove any remaining product.
Complete natural manicure/pedicure - push back cuticles, buff the nail with sponge buffer, cleanse the nails then massage in cuticle oil.
NOTE: You can re wrap your finger/toe if you want to extend your soak off time ...

polish, gel polish, Shellac, gel or acrylic Complete natural manicure/pedicure cuticle oil


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