Monday, January 19, 2015

Shellac white French acrylic extensions nail art

MANI MONDAY in The Lady Cave @ Needy Nails Taupo!!!
The weather hasn't depleted the enthusiasm for nail services in The Lady Cave, if anything, each week causes an increase in my PMs for bookings. My diary is now stacked till mid-June whilst my regs have now all booked their spaces till the end of the year - thank you ladies x

It was a day of regs for white French, sisters matching it up with crucifix feats 2 ways .... Shellac Shellac Shellac.... acrylic extensions + Shellac and where would we be without a little nail art...

Again, thumbs up ladies for the pic submissions and the patronage mwaah xxx
NOTE: Follow Bailey Quinn's Styling to enter their Giveaway Prize: Hair, nails and makeup which I believe is drawn this Sunday in celebration of their Birthday Bash yesterday....HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Keep on keeping on my friend Jan Marie.... best hair salon, best prices and defos the best stylists!!!
as per the usual, hope y'all enjoy the rest of your evening and catch y'all back in the AM 

Shellac white French  acrylic extensions nail art

Shellac white French  acrylic extensions nail art


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