Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shellac polish, LED polish, acrylics and hard gel applications

What a way to enjoy this Mae West Saturday!

A mixed array of designs today in Shellac polish, LED polish, acrylics and hard gel applications.
Welcome to Kylee a first time with me for her French Shellac manicure and with Jesse Gee for her Flawless Face - thank you for the added crack ups.

Repetitive I know but always a staple acknowledgement - without the faithful regulars, The Lady Cave wouldn't be in existence and that's the unvarnished truth.
Appreciative much lovely ladies....all day, every day, like a Boss!

I need to mention that all week there have been some outstanding occurrences whereby ladies have been so kind in offering gifts for my birthday, well wishes, hugs, and kind words - that means so much to me. If I have somehow forgotten to mention any one in particular then please do let me know via the comments, PM or text. I am mortified to think I didn't say thank you so please accept my humble apologies.

Had my dinner, finally getting to load today's pics and screaming like a mofo at the big screen watching the Kiwis against the Wallabies in league... Bring on the ABs in the A.M against Scotland... Apologies to the neighbors in advance LOL...

Jesse and I are booked for services tomorrow but if need be we may be able to accommodate a couple more ladies.... Hit us on the PM if so....

My thoughts this week are in concern for our needy kids in the community come Xmas time. I won't pull my punches about this and I won't apologies for my beliefs. 
Personally I am of the belief that it's about GIVING. I also believe that there are things one NEEDS and things one WANTS! I prefer to feed our kids, their family, so their puku is warm from contentment and if fortunate enough, a gift ie: a toy may be received. It hurts me to know I am able to feast on tasty morsels whilst our young ones are hungry.... 
Due to this, I placed a notion to my household that we start to add extras to our grocery list each week and get filling boxes with staples to assist families for The Festive Season. Needy Nails Taupo inclusive of Jesse Gee are pledging to add to the coffers of Taupo Food For Families to cater to The Cause of feeding Taupo Community Families. Nothing grand, just feeling the need to be compassionate toward those that are struggling more than others at this particular time.

Enough of my babble, time to get my load of towels on and do something productive rather than be sitting on my arse flapping around on Mug Book LOL... Have an awesome rest of the night and the weekend y'all, this girl needs to pay proper attention to the game.
Shellac polish, LED polish, acrylics and hard gel applications


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