Thursday, November 20, 2014

French white acrylic nails

Ladies please make contact with Jesse Gee via her Facebook or PM to make an arrangement for your threading and beauty needs. She is no longer in The Lady Cave. Due to unforeseen circumstances she is now in Tokoroa with her dad. Wishing her nothing but the best for her future ventures... A busy girl indeed and the clients she had serviced will sorely miss her as much as I do but such is life and "it is what we make of it".
WATCH FOR THE POST OF WHAT WILL BE TAKING PLACE IN THE BOUDOIR FOR BEAUTY OUT OF THE LADY CAVE. A whole new concept with BEAUTY IN MIND that will just have you gasping for more 

NOTE: The Wednesday Special is now deleted: French white acrylic nails + eyebrow threading $30 due to Jesse no longer working here.

French white acrylics are however $30 a set finished with a clear Shellac topcoat till the end of 2014.
French white hard gel nails are $50 a set till the end of November (including French black and French red) so grab it this one time only ladies because these are the Revolutionary LED/gel nails; hard yet flexible, super fast curing (30 seconds LIKE polish but NOT polish) LOL...super shine and worn for longevity!
An awful lot to do today as my honey is going away tomorrow for a couple of weeks so best get my A into G and MOVE IT cos "it's all about that bass" 

French white acrylic nails


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