Monday, November 24, 2014

Acrylics LED Shellac manicure polish natural nails


I have to say "no matter what, the good ole acrylics never fade out"; they are trusted and true and still remain the Global #1 enhancement and today was no exception...acrylics followed by LED or Shellac polish and one of my returns is wearing solo with just a paint over on her own natural nails.
Thank you as always you faithful regulars 

A final shout out to my old buddy Barbara Smith - hope your op went well my friend....thinking of you x0x
Jan-Marie Michael Quinn - hope your trip to Aucks has gone well and your op is the greatest success after 3 yrs of epic fails! Speedy returns home my friends 
Made a Thai green curry for dinner tonight and ready to get some view on on the big screen...I so need to catch up with Patrick on The Mentalist) lol.... wishing y'all an awesome rest of the evening and catch y'all back 
Acrylics LED Shellac manicure polish  natural nails