Friday, October 31, 2014

manicure/pedicure $30 special


Another day done and dusted in The Lady Cave with Jesse Gee @ Needy Nails Taupo.
What was meant to be a solo act with just Jesse today was a damn fallacy from ME lol.... uhhhhh try looking at the correct page in the diary and see you were booked solid today!

Even had Fiona, Jayde and Hailey in for some simple Halloween nails. Crack ups as on my break I used the trainer hand to do another simple design for The Festive Day tomorrow...

Thanks to all you lovelies whom couldn't wait for the black tip special for tomorrow and asked to have them today... YES it's still on for tomorrow and sorry my lovelies, it is booked solid.

Sat and Sun is booked for the manicure/pedicure $30 special as it is our launch into being Open 7 days a week till the end of 2014. NO ONE CAN BEAT THAT PRICE FOR FINGERS and TOES AND MOST ESPECIALLY NOT USING THE BIG BAD BOY LED POLISHES!

As per the usual, this was another day of fun and laughs... loving the comments about the revamp... happy to have maintained the reputation of The Lady Cave being a place where one can feel at home!
Off to get my eat on...
Thinking of you my Sitta Shelley King... this is my cyber hug for you to offer some comfort on the anniversary of Mr Gee's passing today and Mrs Gee's passing tomorrow... Love you longtime hard my Sitta x0x
Signing off on this stat so catch y'all back in the A.M 

manicure/pedicure $30 special