Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shellac manicure turquoise/teal, black and gold gels, back-fill, overlays,acrylics


Jesse Grace - in the house AKA: JESSE GEE MAKE UP! Seriously peeps you really need to target her for your gorgeous makeup needs! She is launching from Bailey Quinns Styling YES get your makeup AND your hair DID all in the one fab place. Watch for the exciting news to be posted here SOON about her service.
Jesse had a Shellac manicure to complement her COMING TO YOU BUSINESS COLOR SCHEME of turquoise/teal, black and gold ... so so excited to see ladies where their Panache' via Jesse Gee Makeup (o;
It's nail training night again and this time a single sesh of practical and theory so I'm in for a munch out now and down for some evening FUN.... as per the usual hope y'all having an awesome evening and catch y'all back in the A.M mwaah x0x
P.S: A special mention to Carol Murch: YOU KNOW WHY (o; x