Thursday, September 25, 2014

Shellac manicure acrylic overlays acrylic stiletto sculpts 3/4 french and feats leopard prints ombre print natural nail LED polish


We had natural nail LED polish and Shellac manicure's; acrylic overlays, acrylic back-fills and a first time set of acrylic stiletto sculpts; bright and bold. My long love affair with foils came to light again today as feats also...3/4 french and feats and always a stunner is the timeless leopard prints; love the ombre print (sometimes no plan is the best plan) LOL...
Always praise my clients for their pic submissions aside from the great company and fun chit-chats (talk that is NOT the bickies) heheheee...
Apologies for the late post ladies, I had a last minute invite to a very crucial meeting downtown that has resulted in some unfortunate news that will be announced at a later date... however, it's another full-on Friday in the A.M and without further ado, catch y'all back then mwaah