Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gel sculpts Shellac studio white back-fill acrylic black gold Shellac french acrylic back-fill + Shellac black-pool mixed foil design acrylic extensions + Shellac Hollywood and cream puff dots silver pearl

This is how we rolled on TRIPPY TUESDAY

A warm welcome to Trina Cooper a set of sculpted hard gel nails with a Shellac coat of Mother of Pearl... beautiful. Lovely to meet you and see you in 3wks.
Regular Sam brought me a lovely ginger carrot cake with cream cheese icing today all lovingly wrapped for my morning tea .. Sam's app was an acrylic black french acrylic set with silver galaxy feat nails.
Pics are Tamsyn, Sheila, Marie and Ava: gel sculpts with Shellac studio white; back-fill acrylic with black and gold Shellac french; acrylic back-fill + Shellac black-pool and mixed foil design and the lovely acrylic extensions + Shellac Hollywood and cream puff dots.
ANTH tutes tonight and rockin' it early so I actually get to have an unrushed dinner tonight YAYYYY......
Bookings are seriously tight now ladies so thanks to y'all for making it on time for your appts and for the fantastic communication.
NOTE: I am seriously taking in a lot of your suggestions in terms of specials, however, I will also say "even at the normal prices you are getting ONE HELL OF A SPECIAL" - kia ora to that! Smile and wave peeps (o;
Without further ado, enjoy the rest of your day and catch y'all back in the A.M Mwaah x0x