Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Acrylic extensions shellac polish manicure Hollywood Red and Beau with silver feats stripe blocking acrylic back-fill LED polish custom mix peach coral with crystal feat nails shaped almond acrylic overlay over natural nails choc brown classic white


Poor Savanna Martin  barely got here during her lunch break and work was needing her so flat knackers we did a shellac manicure in Hollywood Red and Beau with silver VIP Status for feats. See you next time honey.
Bree had acrylic extensions with this shellac polish manicure with stripe blocking.
Maria had an acrylic back-fill then a LED polish custom mix peach coral with crystal feat nails shaped almond.
Sheryl brought along her old anchor earring decals so I adhered them to her shellac manicure for feats.
Sarah had an acrylic overlay (YES an overlay over her natural nails) LOL followed by a shellac Hollywood Red ovals.
Last client for the day was Paulette with her acrylic extensions then shellac Fedora manicure (a beautiful deep burgundy choc brown)...
Namaste ladies... thank you for a lovely day!
Tutes tonight so dinner's about to hit the table NOM NOM Mexican ariba ariba...
Wishing y'all an awesome evening and catch y'all back in the A.M