Monday, September 08, 2014

Acrylic extensions, glitz, LED and Shellac polish + Shellac manicure special white, pink, green nail art

MAGIC MONDAY and this is how we rolled...
Rashelle, Kimi, Paula and Gail filled the rest of the day with their acrylic extensions, glitz, LED and Shellac polish + some simple clean nail art.
Apologies again to you lovely ladies who couldn't get in this week for the Shellac manicure special... watch to see when another SHELLAC SPECIAL hits the pages!
A double training session tonight and it's gonna be a doozie ready to roll in 35mins so if I don't reply to you before midnight, you now know why and thank you for your patience (o;
 so without further ado, have an awesome weekend y'all and catch y'all back in the A.M