Monday, June 30, 2014

Acrylic application is: clear tip extensions $30-LED polish design $40-Acrylics + polish paint design is $70

The Tuesday $25 color acrylic tips are from a selection of 8 pastel tips as shown in the picture
(choose your color).
During this Winter Season I have been trying to keep my last booking to around 4pm however
I am open to suggestions and try to work with clients if they need a later time.
Tomorrow is all booked out as I should finish the last client for the day at around 4pm,
but if you are wanting a booking after that time then let me know I will see what I can do for you...
Wednesday morning is now completely booking and only 3pm is available as it stands.
The best option is for you to tell me what works best for you IE:
day and time and I will come back with a reply for you and try to accommodate what suits you best...
The cheapest option for the picture with an acrylic application is: clear tip extensions $30;
LED polish design $40 and as a first time client I would allow you to have the crystal feats free, so for that set of acrylics + polish paint design is $70 total.
I have rules and regulations etc that I ask all clients to read through beforehand. You will also find some basic application prices there for your perusal as well.
This can all be located in the 'about' tab under basic info on the right hand side.
Thanks for your inquiry

Acrylic application is clear tip extensions $30-LED polish design $40-Acrylics + polish paint design is $70


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