Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Thanks everyone for all the well wishes, it means a lot

Morning y'all

Firstly, thanks everyone for all the well wishes, it means a lot... nice to wake up each day to PM's choked with positivity and light.... THANK YOU ONE AND ALL x0x0x

A story to tell and apologies...

I lost my beautiful Auntie on Valentine's morning! I hung tough; tended my clients that day and because it turned into a late nighter due to a few clients out of sync, we got through it...

Waited for my nieces traveling up from Picton and after all the cafuffle, we left for Aucks just after 12 noon Saturday. That travel seriously shot me! It was hot hot hot.... it fried my face, any part of my skin the light touched it dealt to me and worst of all my eyes got spotted from too much light!
I felt as sick as a dog by the time we got to my brother's home in Waiuku; the salt water pool didn't cure this ailment this time... my girl's left me there and proceeded to Te Puea Marae without me (broke my heart)... told them not to tell my cousin's etc that I had to go to hospital and I must say I am very proud of them; they took our koha and they went to represent!
My Lupus took a thrashing... cut a long story short; I spent a long few days in Middlemore Hospital NO WAY WAS I LETTING MY COUSINS KNOW WHERE I WAS THEY'D HAVE SWARMED THE PLACE... I didn't make the funeral (but I visited the gravesite when I left Auckland for home).

Arohamai tangi taku ngakau e whanau... TweetzForeveer King LOVE YOUS MY CUZZIE x0x0x

The biggest thanks ever to my girls for representing: Penny King Ada Payne Mia Payne Tolz Maka Caroline King - tumeke my girls yous did me, your Uncle Boy and your Auntie Shell real real proud!
Thanks to my honey Humpty, bro Tom and titta Shelley King for the awesome love and care during this time... wasn't easy for yous hanging in the hospital with me and thanks titta for the 24/7 love and care x0x0x

Left the hospital and on the way out the door I had light blast and went blank; put my hands out to save my ugly mug on the pavement and busted my knuckles on my right hand...can finally announce I have ring and pinky finger tendonitis; keeping these 2 fingers strapped together gives me some minor delicate movement of my other fingers, so after tests tomorrow I will hopeully be easing back into work on Wednesday.
Will post a status if anything untoward develops and I cannot continue this week to cover my clients booked!

CLIENTS: Thanks for all allowing me to cancel and rebook you all. I am Blessed with wonderful ladies in my life xxx

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Wishing y'all the most awesome day possible... be good, be kind and be safe mwaahhh x0x0x


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