Wednesday, March 05, 2014

From the classic pink & white Frenchies to acrylic backfills, gel nails and gel/LED polish manicure's, the deed was done... cheers ladies.

Aue... first full day back with 8 clients today... uhmmmm to be honest, glad I'm back in the swing... fingers protested a little and looking mod with hot pink strapping on my fingers LOL but did the job and happy with that!

Was an early start as had to cater to my shift worker ladies... so awesome to catch up and have some crack ups LOL...

From the classic pink & white Frenchies to acrylic backfills, gel nails and gel/LED polish manicure's, the deed was done... cheers ladies... you know who yous are and as per the usual will only refer to clients by name if they so wish to be mentioned, otherwise, you're a most valued client (o;
Welcome to first time client Chloe with her classic white Frenchie and gold chevron stone feats - always a pleasure to offer my nail services and loving my awesome regulars xxx

Loving you all to the nail moon, stars and back to Earth... as per the usual be good, be kind and be safe. Catch y'all back in the A.M x0x0x

Black French acrylics gold feats random crystals-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-pink-crystal-acrylics-simple-nail-art-gelish-colour-pink-silver-gel-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-health-beauty

Chloe Caulcutt newbie sporting classic pink white Frenchies holo gold feats surrounded citrine gold crystals-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacq

classic pink white acrylic Frenchie-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink-crystal-USA-UK-colour

full set builder gel nails in majestic blue and hazed silver-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink

Gelish polish manicure with gold feat nails-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink-crystal-USA-UK

hot pink gelish polish mini manicure-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink-crystal-USA-UK-colour-s

Part I 3 week old acrylic overlay followed by-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty-pink-crystal-USA-UK

Part II new acrylic overlay -LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-healthcare-beauty tapped in foils with reflector glitz

wicked French white flared acrylics iconic Betty Boop tattoo decals-LED-polish-manicure-natural-nails-classic-French-acrylics-simple-nail-art-acrylic-gelish-gel-Nail-Polish-OPI-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-healthcare-beauty