Monday, February 10, 2014


Good afternoon ladies on this Manic Monday!

Firstly, thanks to the ladies that allowed me to cancel out on Sunday and rebooked for tomorrow for their apps.
Took bloody crook on Saturday evening - to cut a long story short am resting it out today and hopefully can pick up the pace and work back into the grind... if not ladies, please forgive me if I hit yous on the PM in the morning because I'm still crap!
Honestly, I have to take control of my naughtiness and stop being a 'sweet glutton'. My ass is getting kicked because of it and it's time to stop abusing my poor sad body for no good reason at all!
PLEASE: NO MORE GOODIES LADIES! No more baking, cakes, slices, cupcakes and choccies or anything that supports my stinkin' habit!
My poor shots can't sustain the abuse any more... I am fit for dialysis or the bloody grave - KIDNEYS ARE SCREAMING! Bad enough with the whole liver issue but this is just being dumb ... SO THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING MY JUNK HABIT, NOW IT'S TIME TO SUPPORT MYSELF AND GET TOUGH AGAIN!
Got too many mokopuna I like to moan about LOL... someone's gotta keep them guessing for a while longer (o;

Decisions.... Decisions...

From here on in ladies we are not gonna be posting pics any more! It is gonna be written posts (unless you really want to tag your pics or load them here yourself, I won't be monitoring or loading them from the Timeline, PM or email). The notifications are near non existent; the LIKES on the page are creating havoc because Facebook wants you to pay for EVERYTHING - I MEAN EVERY LITTLE THING THAT TAKES PLACE ON YOUR PAGE, FACEBOOK TRIES TO MAKE YOU PAY!
The MORE LIKES you have - the MORE you pay!!!
No thanks - it's shit to operate as it is so I am just going to keep it clean and easy cos you all know I am so not I.T savvy.
All my clients know how I used to stress over being a photographer, hence why months ago I put it out that everyone can submit their own pics now... it really will be the easiest way I think, and also buy me some ME time at the end of a working day!

SPECIALS: I have decided that I will not be lowering any prices on any of the applications as they stand!
They are all at the best prices in Taupo + with The Rewards Card in action, "you really are on a pig's back" (as my daddy would say) LOL...

Apologies for not being online for so long... have answered everyone via the PM now or texted you all back. Thanks for your patience during this non-communication period!

ATTENTION: Update on Sassy Saturday!

A pic was loaded on this page in the Sassy Saturday Album that was meant to be Grace's. Grace loaded her pic to the P.M and somehow we've got a nasty situ whereby that wasn't Grace's pic; the pic was that of a nail tech's client in Auckland.

The lovely lady made contact and has accepted the profound apologies made... am still stunned at the occurrence and Facebook's summary of "your page is viral" does not help me as everyone also knows my uselessness in all things I.T.
Trying to work through the issue(s) of how it occurred with admins and Facebook.

In lieu of this, it may be time to do what I've wanted to do for awhile now... I stopped taking pics months ago (as everyone knows my abhorrence of being a photographer; stressing out about feeling I compromise your chance of winning a free backfill each month) and only proceed with written posts.
If clients can accept that this is no reflection on them by considering not to do pic posts, but my need to get on top of this page, then we can continue without any hiccups hopefully!

Thanking the lovely lady for the alert, the acceptance and the advice of how to try sorting these issues (o; THANK YOU!!!

PS: Thank you to clients that canceled out on Sunday and rebooked for tomorrow. Saturday was a very tough day to get through because I suffered a health setback but am recovering (hence why no work yesterday and today)... thanks again ladies xx

As per the usual ladies - catch y'all up in the A.M mwaahh x0x0x0 


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