Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Evening y'all on this Trippy Tuesday...

I have been zonked out on painkillers all day... got thrashed by the medical team; butchered when bloods were taken so 2 hands and arms out of action for the rest of the week.

I will try to make contact and posts on the weekend but expect to be back onboard Mon-Tues... xrays are inconclusive at the moment due to all the swelling (I keep telling them so called experts it's just bad bruising) but no one will listen to me... bloods were shit; fasted all morning so sugars were way out low-whack; couldn't get anything from my arm (had nothing from there for about 2yrs so still bloody useless), big toe was shit, hand was shit and some degree of success from my wrist and then bigtime blowout so another fricken blood incident report to write up grrrrhhhhh....

Apologies again ladies for the cancellations; many thanks for the well wishes... it is so painful to type or do anything with my fingers let alone my hands... it has taken me ages to type this up and I am stuffed now...

To show my appreciation to my loyal clients I will be coming at yous with a couple of wicked specials: SCULPTED ACRYLICS & GEL/LED POLISH MANICURE/PEDICURE - WATCH FOR IT LADIES!!!!

Acrylic extensions with LED polish manicure of natural pink, silver haze and white wedding glitz OPI-Nail-Polish-Lacquer-Pedicure-care-natural-Gel-Nail-Polish-beauty-tips-Acrylic-backfill-Nails-Nail art

Cheers y'all (o; x0x0x

Left hand/arm: from the bloods
Right hand: smashed fingers & knuckles
(Will explain all the haps when better able to type)