Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year (when it turns 2014) - Arohanui, Erana, Karl, Black Dog and Needy Nails Taupo

W.A.O.P.H.T Mangai, Ae.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the lovely ladies that have sat across my nail desk for a service. In two simple words "THANK YOU". I thank you for your patronage: your tolerance whilst I lecture you about the health of your nails; your enduring kindness when Mrs Deaf is probably yelling at you at the rate of 1,000 decibels but most of all I thank you all for respecting my home.

I have met some beautiful souls throughout this year. There are those that have been attached from the onset of this humble salon 14mths ago and have remained a constant. The words of encouragement, caring and comment are more than appreciated, they are cherished. How does one express their gratitude - by remaining humble to you all and keep welcoming you all through the door with open arms.

Secondly - I forged a relationship that many may not understand with Rachel Lester of Lovethosenails a couple of months ago. I took umbrage yesterday to messages that were choking my PM due to a status that she had posted. I accept that she did not sacrifice our bonded friendship, therein, I also accept that her words were not intended for me personally, nor as a downturn on my business. I will take responsibility for the outbreak that occurred due to some very loyal ladies; again, I am humbled.
Rachel Lester, I embrace you now as I embraced you before... with an open heart and mind. May Peace, Love and Prosperity be upon you and your darling daughter Charlie. Arohamai e hoa (o;

I will be the first person to admit that I am quick to fire when roused. I do not do sideways nor do I take the side road. I will come at you head on and once all is said and done I will do as my daddy taught me and resolve matters before the next day dawns. We do not sleep with the kehua laying idle in our minds... bad things happen when bad thoughts lay dormant!
It is with that sentiment that I will remain my daddy's daughter and leave the kehua behind where it belongs... IN THE NEAR PAST (2013)!

TO MY WHANAU: Short and sweet - nothing is as strong as the bond of whanau; the love that never dims over the passage of time (tears are falling)... I will love you all to the end of the Earth and far beyond. I miss all my family and most especially at this time my heart aches for my daddy, my mum, my siblings, my kaumatua, kuia, my tupuna whom all rest upon their cloud...
Special thoughts are for my great mokopuna in Picton - Nanny misses and loves you all xxx

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From my heart to yours - Happy New Year (when it turns 2014) lol...
Erana, Karl, Black Dog and Needy Nails Taupo....mwaahhh x0x0x


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