Thursday, December 12, 2013

Acrylic Nails with some Pedicure in sequence


Last but not least, this is Esther.
All today's ladies were: Conchita, Shian, Rebecca Hagin, Amy, Nicole, Tamz, Steph and Esther.



Thank you so much beautiful ladies and I hope you all enjoy your nails (o;

REMEMBER: the Winner of the 'how many holes in the shirt' comp will be announced tomorrow morning - NOTE: as stated when comp commenced, Winner to receive their 'free LED polish manicure' next Thursday December 19th at 11am (you were not meant to have entered this comp if you cannot attend this date), so please notify asap if you are unable to attend BEFORE this draw. Should you WIN and cannot attend on this date and time then it will be REDRAWN immediately until a Winner is reached.

Cheers to the end of another busy day - have an awesome rest of the evening y'all (o; x0x