Monday, December 30, 2013

French white with black bow feats, custom pink glitz feat nails; custom gel glitz & glamrock toes, crystal sculpts with mylar and reflectors & mini-LED polish pedicure in 'abyss black'.

Whewwww 2 more sleeps and it's 2014... in my case, 1 more sleep LOL...

Traditionally, all day tomorrow throughout the day we prepare the feast. Whakamoemiti (prayer) will take place at 12:01 to give Praise for the Past and the Present: those we have lost; tapae ripeneta (repentance), whanau Blessings; for our homes, vehicles (one provides a roof for shelter; the other provides transportation for many reasons).

To 'The King' Whanau, this is the most important time of the Year-Personally!
NOTE: Don't forget to tuck a coin and a $$$note in your pocket (and all the tamariki) before the 'Clock Strikes' for 2014 whanau...
My Daddy's teachings "you may never be rich but your bills will be paid; you will sustain a roof over your head and you will not go hungry" - in my 46yrs it has never let me down!!!
Get all your cleaning done whanau - can't go into the New Year with a paru house... LOL

Not unusual if you know 'Me' - I had a first time client yesterday. Pure Brazilian; Pure Woman, Purely Cultural and Definably Spiritual. Isaura Miranda (Isa).

We connected on all levels. It was a 'moment of time' that leaves a lasting impression. It felt surreal. This was not a nail service - THIS WAS KISMET!
One can easily be mislead by the aesthetic beauty of Isa, but believe me when I tell you, this woman radiates beauty in all phases.

From the moment she stepped into my room, I knew I was not donning my cap of Esthetician; this was nothing but a 'purely woman' connection. In my Soul, I knew this was not going to be one of my gut-laughing 'I'll be the clown for you' day...this was the 'You need Me' to uplift your 'ora', your being... in the words of my daddy "Your Shining has been dulled"; this was true for Isa whereby I was empathetic, sympathetic and as is my usual 'as blunt as a razor'!
I seriously pissed around and doubly took my time to impart some caring via touch during the nail service. This was important to me to truly give some TIME; a deaf ear for loan and keep the eyes focused... it was powerful, it was emotional and very rewarding!

Isa - my heart feels you as a woman in a strange country; that will be the anthropologist in me (love the humanities); your linguistics were beautiful, hence why I could name where you were from because of the lexical tenses of your speech (uhhh that's the linguistic anthropologist in me); the rest of the intuitiveness was pure sharing and what psychological terms were shared was due to two women whom had schooled in a genus.

Again I will say Isa "aside from your physical beautiful there is a deeper one that lays within the 'Inner You'. I am strong in many ways but to brave a life with a new man, in a new country without any fellow family living the life of an 'Army Wife' is COURAGE UNDER FIRE. You come from a Peoples that stand a long long history of 'Mana'. KIA KAHA!

I will share my first thought with You. When I heard your name Isa, my head started to sing.
I remember playing my daddy's ukelele when I was about 4yrs old singing this old traditional Fijian sing; it was sung way before my time when my father was growing up as a child and before; during the World War II, 2 Fijian brothers jumped ship and my daddy's family housed them and for a few years they grew up as extra brothers as my daddy's family consisted of 9 boys and 3 girls; 2 extra boys didn't change jack (although I had an Uncle Jack amongst that crew) LOL...
We were taught to sing both languages but I will sing it in English for you...

Isa, Isa, you are my only treasure, must you leave me so lonely and forsaken.
As the roses will miss the sun at dawning, every moment, my heart for you is yearning.
Isa lei, Isa lei, the purple shadows fall, sad the morrow will dawn upon my sorrow.
Oh forget me not, when you are far away, precious moments beside Nanunya Bay.

I can still see all my daddy's family cry when they sung this song. It was the way they sang it; tears in their eyes, smiles full of memories and the total love and respect for PEOPLE!

Never lose your Shining Isa - the shadows fade and the dawning brings new Light.

This is my 2013 rolling out to bring in the 2014....

My wish today is for everyone to take the TIME and STOP and think of others whose Shining has Dulled and perhaps a kind word or gesture can make that Shining sparkle again...

Arohanui x0x

Olivia (feat finger bows) and June were in for their Pre-New Year French white specials; both stepped it up and added June's case she went for a matching mini-LED polish pedicure to her feat finger LOL...
Isa from Brazil came or a sculpted set of clear pink crystal nails with reflector mylar flakes and white/silver scattered glitz (the pics so do not reflect the beauty of the nails) + Isa chose to have a mini-LED polish pedicure in 'abyss black'.
Gel backfill LED polish manicure pedicure  crystal sculpts with mylar and reflectors Gel-Nails-Polish-LED-Polish-LED-Nails-Acrylic-Nails-Nail-Art
Isa: crystal sculpts with mylar and reflectors.

Gel backfill LED polish manicure pedicure  French white with black bow feats Gel-Nails-Polish-LED-Polish-LED-Nails-Acrylic-Nails-Nail-Art
Olivia: French white with black bow feats.

Gel backfill LED polish manicure pedicure  French white with custom pink glitz feat nails; custom gel glitz & glamrock toes Gel-Nails-Polish-LED-Polish-LED-Nails-Acrylic-Nails-Nail-Art
June: French white with custom pink glitz feat nails; custom gel glitz & glamrock toes.

Gel backfill LED polish manicure pedicure  mini-LED polish pedi in 'abyss black' Gel-Nails-Polish-LED-Polish-LED-Nails-Acrylic-Nails-Nail-Art
Isa: mini-LED polish pedicure in 'abyss black'.


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