Friday, December 20, 2013

Hot Red, Black & White Gel Nail Polish & my Xmas Tree - Acrylic Nail Art

 Yeeyahhhh my day is done!
I can smell the Humpty cooking our pork chow mein with the homemade crispy egg noodles I made last night.... ooh mouth is dripping saliva!
I digress sorry.... LOL

I have been getting so spoiled lately...
The lovely Rachel Allen came in with a lovely card; bookmarker (I was so in desperate need of a new one), a candy cane, an awesome luxury slab of white choc AND a beautiful gorgeous little glass heart to hang on my Xmas tree - thank you sweet thing.... You are sooo beautiful xxx
Tag your pic here Miss Rachee when you're ready xxx

Thank you to the lovely Moira (she gifted me my favourite perfume: Eternity) - I am so very touched Moira... You are such a gracious lady xxx

Last but not least, to cap off my day was the ever gorgeous Tamara - thank you so much for the basket of fresh summer fruits babe - You Rock!!!

I am so very humbled by every lovely lady that has walked through my door xxx

Pics are: Moira and Tamara.
acrylic red blac white pinksculpts gel nail polish manicure french nails nail art design
Tamara : Acrylic Nail Art Design
acrylic red black sculpts gel nail polish manicure french nails nail art design
Moira: Acrylic Nail Art Design

Have an awesome evening all - catch y'all up in the A.M as per the usual (o; x0x


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